Wellbore Casings

Wellbore Cleanup Solution (WCS) is a newly developed microemulsion formulation combined with a pseudo-solvent, which has been engineered for the removal of debris and residues left in the wellbore from drilling or production. WCS does not contain harmful or flammable compounds, which reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment. WCS has been designed to reduce chemical costs and chemical usage volumes. 

Wellbore Cleaning

Wellbore cleaning is an essential task in upstream operations to ensure that debris and residues from drilling and production activities, do not decrease production or cause significant non-productive time (NPT) for operators. The conventional chemicals currently used in wellbore cleanup are solvent and surfactant based, and in order to achieve sufficient cleaning rates, multiple chemicals may be required to remove debris and residues. This leads to an increase in chemical costs and a reduction in profitability for an operator. Furthermore, conventional chemicals currently used pose significant risks to health, safety, and the environment.

Wellbore Cleanup Solution

BMA Biotech has developed Wellbore Cleanup Solution (WCS), to replace conventional solvent-based products used in wellbore cleanup. WCS is a newly engineered chemical, which combines cutting-edge chemistry with natural non-microbial surfactants and a pseudo-solvent and can be used as both a first and second pill. The end result is a highly effective multipurpose chemical solution, which is extremely effective in removing debris and residues left by drilling activities and production.  The unique formulation ensures that 99% of debris and residues are removed in the first batch treatment, which reduces potential issues further into the wells life cycle. WCS will coat a wellbore to leave a microfilm coating which prevents corrosion, for up to 30-days.

The proprietory pseudo-solvent used within WCS has been designed to absorb through residues and debris, while the natural surfactant encapsulates the removed media to prevent further re-deposition. WCS is water soluble and is effective in concentrates ranging between 0.5% to 10% dilution, which can be heated to maximize performance. To further enhance the capabilities of the product, WCS will leave a water-wet finish on surfaces. WCS considerably reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment and reduces chemical costs.

Further Information

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