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BMA Biotech's Wastewater Product Range

Engineered for you to meet regulations and reduce operational expenditures

BMA Biotech Municipal Wastewater TreatmentBMA 100 SlideLEARN MORE

BMA 100 - Developed for use in Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Excellent at Degrading High Concentrations of BOD, Oil & Grease, & Common Household Chemicals

BMA Biotech Light Industrial ProductsBMA 200 Slide

BMA 200 - Light Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Developed to Break down and Degrade Surfactants, BTEX, Alcohols, Phenol, COD, Leachates

BMA Biotech Heavy Industrial Wastewater TreatmentBMA 300 Slide

BMA 300 - Engineered for Heavy Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Developed to break down and degrade Ketones, Alkanes, Naphthalene, Polyaromatics, Solvents, and hard COD

BMA Biotech Pulp and Paper Wastewater TreatmentSlide thumbnail

BMA 500 - Wastewater Treatment for Pulp and Paper Plants

Excellent at degrading Plant Fibers, High BOD, Starchy Wastes, Tall Oils, Pine Soaps, Liquor Spills and Cellulose

BMA Biotech Food Processing WastewaterBMA 500A Slide

BMA 500A - Bacterial Wastewater Treatment for Food Processing Industry

Developed to degrade Starch, Cellulose, Protein, BOD/COD, Fat, Oil and Grease

BMA Pro Super Wastewater Treatment ProductBMA Pro Super Slide

BMA Pro Super - Engineered for When Nothing else Works

Highly Performing Biological Wastewater Treatment Product

BMA Biotech Fat, Oil and Grease Wastewater Treatment Product44FOG Treatment Slide Wastewater

BMA Biotech - Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Remediation Products

Microbial Products Designed to Control, Reduce and Rapidly Degrade FOG


BMA Biotech has developed a wide range of bacterial wastewater treatment products for use in treating municipal, commercial, light industrial, heavy industrial, and FOG in wastewater. Each of our bacterial treatment products has been developed for the biodegradation of wastewater generated by the municipal, commercial and industrial sectors.  

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