Upstream and Downstream Wastewater Treatment BMA Biotech

BMA Biotech has developed a range of effective water treatment products for the O&G industry. The unique range of microbial and absorbent products are excellent at degrading and removing alkanes, BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromatics/polyaromatics, sulfides, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, TPH, complex HC, hard COD, other solvents and hydrocarbon type waste. 

Oilfield Water Treatment and Remediation

Wastewater generated by oil and gas production and refining activities contains elevated levels of contaminants from production chemicals and unrecoverable hydrocarbons. To ensure that groundwater and surface water sources are not contaminated by the wastewater generated in both upstream and downstream oil and gas operations, it is vital that all produced and process water is effectively remediated to remove the contaminants. Furthermore, in the event of a spill of oilfield contaminants in water sources, it is imperative that the surface and groundwater is adequately remediated to prevent further impacts on health, safety, and the environment.

However, the vast majority of conventional wastewater treatment products and spill absorbents used within the O&G industry have changed little in the past 20 plus years. With this, BMA Biotech has developed two new water remediation and spill cleanup products, which are highly effective and rapidly remediate and remove oilfield contaminants in water. Our newly engineered products have been designed to clean up contaminated water to within acceptable background levels, designed to be cost-effective, and sustainable – as well as reducing risks to health, safety, and the environment.

BMA 450™ Microbial Water Treatment

BMA 450™ has been engineered to rapidly increase the rate of biodegradation of oilfieldBMA450 contaminates while reducing the overall costs of water remediation. We have combined a large selection of microorganisms and fungi, which are excellent at breaking down and degrading complex hydrocarbons, alkanes, BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromatics/polyaromatics, sulfides, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, TPH, hard COD, other solvents and hydrocarbon type waste. BMA Biotech’s newly developed microbial water remediation product has been designed to be cost-effective and sustainable. To further enhance the capabilities of BMA 450™ we have developed the product for use in both wastewater treatment systems and in-situ/ex-situ water remediation tasks. BMA 450™ contains in excess of 500 million spores of microorganisms, which reduces the need for continual high seeding rates. In addition to being a highly effective and functional water remediation product for use in water contaminated by oilfield waste,  BMA 450™ greatly reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment.

Key Features

  • BMA 450™ is highly effective in salinity contents ranging from 1-10%.
  • Performs within a broad temperature from 39oF to 102oF ( 3°C – 39°C).
  • Easily degrades a wide range of alkyl, aromatic and substituted hydrocarbons.
  • Utilizes a wide variety of alkanes, a type of hydrocarbon in its metabolic process as its source of energy to break down oil into harmless compounds.
  • Effective for the treatment of wastewaters containing large amounts of aromatics (e.g., COD >50,000 mg/l).
  • Improves maximum rates of organic removal as measured by BOD, COD, and TOC.


  • Provides higher bacterial growth to improve stability in response to organic overloads.
  • Reduces toxicity to autotrophic nitrifiers to allow the initiation and maintenance of high rates of biological ammonia removal in wastewater applications.
  • Provides the ability to degrade a broad spectrum of recalcitrant industrial chemicals.
  • Engineered for use in wastewater treatment, surface water remediation, and groundwater remediation.
  • Improves the waste treatment system stability.
  • Reduces the impact of production increases or changes in effluent quality.

Bio-Absorbent Pillows (BAPs)

BMA Biotech’s BAPs have been designed for use in the removal of free-floating oil and petrochemical spills in surface water sources. The BAPs are made from highly absorbent fibers with an outer netting, which will only absorb crude oil and petrochemicals. The highly absorbent fibers have been coated with a selection of microorganisms which will rapidly degrade oilfield contaminates, which allows for greater absorption of oilfield contaminants by the same BAP. The high tensile strength material prevents the pillows from bursting open when removed from the water. BAPs can absorb over 10 times their size in crude oil and petrochemicals. One corner of the BAPs has been fitted with a solid rubber eyelet, which allows for easier retrieval or to create an interlocking set of BAPs to cover a larger water surface area. The improved design and greater absorption rates of BMA Biotech’s BAPs allow for more effective crude oil and petrochemical contaminates from surface water, while reducing the overall end-user cost.

Key Features

  • Will absorb only crude oil and petrochemicals.
  • More robust and hard wearing than conventional absorbent pads.
  • Specially treated fibers repel water to give maximum crude oil and petrochemical absorption.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use in a wide variety of water remediation applications.
  • The microorganisms are capable of rapidly degrading large volumes of TPH.


  • Made from high tensile strength fibers to prevent BAPs from tearing apart upon retrieval.
  • Solid rubber eyelet which allows for easy retrieval, anchoring to a fixed location, or interlocking with other BAPs to cover a wide surface area.
  • Does not contain any hazardous materials.
  • Capable of mitigating malodors associated with oilfield contamination.
  • Considerably reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment.

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