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BMA Biotech’s newly developed Truck and Trailer Wash (TTW) not only cleans the interior/exterior of trailer tanks, but it can also be used as a truck wash solution. The non-flammable, non-abrasive, non-harmful formulation reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment. Furthermore, TTW is biodegradable in 75-days and replaces the use of solvent cleaners, as well as, reducing cleaning times and chemical costs. 

Truck and Trailer Washing

Truck and trailer washing displays a professional image for your company, which shows to your customers that you care about how your trucks and trailers look when you collect and deliver their cargo. Furthermore, a dirty truck will attract more attention from DOT inspections and highway patrols, then a clean truck and trailer will. In addition, a clean truck and trailer are also essential to ensure that your trucks and trailers are in good working order and free from rust and defects. Notably, the excessive build-up of grime and dirt obscures lights, turn signals, and limits a driver’s visibility in all types of driving conditions.

BMA Biotech’s Truck and Trailer Wash Chemical

BMA Biotech’s Truck and Trailer Wash (TTW) is a power microemulsion formulation, which combines cutting-edge chemistry with powerful surfactants and a pseudo-solvent to produce an excellent and fit-for-purpose truck and trailer wash solution. TTW has been designed for both the interior and exterior washing of trucks and trailers and removes the need to use multiple cleaning chemicals, for multiple cleaning tasks. The multipurpose solution, is effective in concentrates of between 0.5% up to 10%, depending on the area being cleaning. The superior formulation also protects metal from corrosion and is gentle on paintwork.

TTW solution does not contain abrasive or petrochemical compounds and TTW will remove all types of crude oil/refined oil, liquid coal, CBO, fats oils and grease (FOG), and much more. To further enhance the effects of TTW, the microencapsulation formulation absorbs through soiling and encapsulates it to prevent further redeposition. Furthermore, TTW will not only reduce cleaning times it will also reduce chemical costs and can be used in cold and heated water. TTW can be dispensed via pressure washing systems or automated vehicle washers.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about TTW, please contact us or view our online product videos. For product Technical Data Sheet, please click here.