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BMA Biotech's Rail, Road, and Marine Product Range

Engineered for Maximum Cleaning Power and to Reduce Cleaning Times and Costs

Tank Cleaning Solution

Engineered to Decrease Cleaning Times and Cost

Designed to Remove Various Types of Waste Media


BMA Biotech’s exclusive range of rail, road, and marine chemical products have been designed to reduce cleaning times and costs. And engineered to reduce risks to health, safety, and the environment. 

We have designed our exclusive range of rail, road, and marine products with our clients needs in mind. We have engineered our products to reduce cleaning times and costs, by harnessing the power of natural compounds and cutting-edge chemistry. Each of our products which have been developed for the transportation industry and reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment. We have taken great effort to ensure that our products comply with strict regulations, to ensure you stay compliant.

Railcar Cleaning

Railcar Tank Cleaning Solution

BMA Biotech’s railcar cleaning product is a powerful microemulsion combined with pseudo solvents, which reduces cleaning times and costs. MORE

Truck & Trailer Wash

Rig Wash2

Truck & Trailer Wash (TTW) is a newly developed powerful cleaning solution, developed for the removal of soiling from the internal and external surfaces of trucks and trailers. MORE

Bilge Water Treatment

Bilge Water Treatment

BMA Biotech’s Bilge Water Pillow (BWP) has been engineered to remove oil/fuel and other types of contaminants from marine vessels bilge water. MORE