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BMA Biotech’s Tank Cleaning Solution (TCS) is a newly formulated chemical solution developed specifically for the removal of hydrocarbons, petroleum fluids, and tank bottoms from storage tanks. Formulated from blending together selected non-microbial natural compounds and enhanced with a pseudo-solvent, TCS is a highly effective and fit-for-purpose cleaning chemical. TCS has not only been engineered to reduce risks to health, safety, and the environment, it will also significantly reduce chemical costs by up to 53%.

Storage Tank Cleaning

Storage tanks are designed to contain various volumes of crude oil or petroleum fluids. However, due to the natural basic sediment and water (BS&W) which is contained within both crude oil and petroleum products, storage tanks must be cleaned on a regular basis for basic maintenance, transfer of fluids, periodical inspections, and to prevent corrosion. The techniques employed currently in the cleaning of storage tanks to remove residues and tank bottoms are varied. Typically, the most common methods used involve dispersing highly concentrated solvents under pressure onto the interior/exterior of the walls/roof and then removing the waste via a vacuum pumping system. The chemicals used are highly volatile, toxic, and have a negative impact on the environment. To ensure the health and safety of employees, companies who specialize in tank cleaning must ensure that their staff wear protective clothing and breathing masks to filter out toxic fumes.

BMA Biotech’s Tank Cleaning Solution Chemical

Tank Cleaning Solution (TCS) is a newly developed microemulsion formulation, which combines a pseudo-solvent with a surfactant package to create a cost-effective and sustainable chemical product. The unique compounds used in TCS are non-toxic and non-flammable, which has been designed to minimize the risks to health, safety, and the environment. With the excellent capabilities of TCS in mobilizing crude oil and petroleum fluids, the effective range of concentrations is between 1% to 10%. With the unique compounds used within TCS, once separated from crude oil and petroleum products it can be reused for up to two times. TCS can be deployed both hot or cold, internally or externally,  and above or below ground tanks. To ensure lasting protection, TCS will coat metallic surfaces with a microfilm layer, which will help to protect against corrosion and decrease the level of residues which deposits on to the storage tanks surfaces. TCS can be deployed via high-pressure washing systems, and will not effect commonly found seals and other materials.

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