Rig Wash

BMA Biotech’s Rig Wash Solution (RWS) is a newly engineered microemulsion formulation, which combines high-grade surfactants with a highly-concentrated pseudo-solvent to produce an excellent and fit-for-purpose rig wash chemical. RWS is a non-abrasive high-grade degreaser, which will easily remove all types of crude oil and drilling muds. BMA Biotech have designed RWS to protect assets with an inbuilt corrosion inhibitor, which lasts for up to 30-days and considerably reduces cleaning times and chemical costs. 

On and Offshore Rig and Platform Washing

On and offshore drilling rigs and production platforms are essential in the Exploration and Production (E&P) of valuable natural resources, such as crude oil and natural gas. Due to the integral part which rigs and platforms have in E&P of fossil fuels, they are an expensive asset to not only build but also to maintain. Over time, buildups of drilling mud, crude oil, and other contaminates such as H2S will lead to structural weakness and corrosion. The conventional chemicals currently used in rig and platform washing utilizes a blend of detergents combined with petrochemical-based solvents, which are designed to remove various types of soiling from both on and offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and production platforms. However, depending on the types of soiling media or surfaces which require cleaning, some chemical companies suggest the use of up three or four products per washdown.

Due to the chemical compounds used within conventional ‘rig wash’ products, such as harsh petrochemicals, strong chemical detergents, or phosphates. Risks to health, safety, and the environment are significantly increased. Furthermore, due to the cost of rig wash products some oilfield service companies dilute the chemicals with water, which significantly dimish the effectiveness of the chemical solutions and greater volumes of products are required in washdown operations. And due to the fact that multiple chemicals may be required to remove soiling media from various surfaces on the rigs or platforms, this will lead to a significant increase in chemical costs.

Rig Wash Solution (RWS)

BMA Biotech’s newly developed Rig Wash Solution (RWS) is a thermodynamically stable microemulsion, which combines cutting-edge chemistry with natural non-microbial surfactants and a highly concentrated pseudo-solvent, to produce an outstanding and fit-for-purpose rig wash chemical. RWS has been engineered to be water-soluble and is effective in concentrations of between 0.5% to 10%, depending on the level of soiling. This non-abrasive chemical solution does not contain harmful or flammable compounds, which significantly reduces risks to health, safety, and the environment.

RWS has been designed to remove all types of soiling media, while protecting surfaces from corrosion, by leaving a micro-film coating on surfaces which lasts for up to 30-days. To further enhance the effectiveness of RWS, it can be used on multiple pieces of equipment and machinery and is able to be diluted with recycled produced water or water with high salinity. With RWS being able to be used in low concentrates, it significantly reduces chemical costs and the volume of chemicals required. Furthermore, RWS can be used in pressure wash systems and automated wash systems. Due to the unique natural compounds used in RWS, it is fully biodegradable in 75-days.

Further Information

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