Railcar Tank Cleaning Solution

Tank Cleaning Solution (TCS) is a newly developed chemical for use in the cleaning of railcars. The non-toxic and non-flammable microemulsion formulation has been combined with a pseudo-solvent, which produces a powerful and fit-for-purpose solution. Ideal for use in confined spaces and is fully biodegradable in 75-days. TCS easily removes tank heels and interior/exterior soiling. 

Railcar Cleaning

Railcars (tank cars) are a vital tool in moving large volumes of crude oil and other liquids, around the United States. However, it is imperative that all railcars are cleaned after use, not only to prevent cross-contamination of liquids. But also to ensure that railcars can be inspected for maintenance defects, as well as, preventing the unnecessary buildup of fluids and particles which reduce storage space. Conventional methods used to clean railcars use a mixture of chemicals and thermal treatments. However, the conventional chemicals which are used in railcar cleaning are extremely harmful to health, safety, and the environment. Even using some of the chemicals in the open air requires the use of special personal protective equipment and breathing masks. The length of time required to clean a railcar can vary between 7 to 10 hours.

BMA Biotech’s Railcar Tank Cleaning Solution

Tank Cleaning Solution (TCS) is a newly developed microemulsion formulation, which combines a pseudo-solvent with a surfactant package to create a cost-effective and sustainable chemical product. The unique compounds used in TCS are non-toxic and non-flammable, which has been designed to minimize the risks to health, safety, and the environment. With the excellent capabilities of TCS in mobilizing crude oil, liquid coal, CBO, petroleum fluids, other types of surface residues, and ‘liquifying’ tank heels – the use of steam of is not required. On average, TCS is capable of cleaning a 30.5K railcar and removing the heel in 4 hours.

The priority compounds used in TCS, have been selected not only for their unique cleaning power, but also for their excellent capability in decreasing/preventing corrosion. To further enhance the products cost-effective qualities, TCS can be reused up to two times after the initial clean.  TCS has been designed to be diluted in water, which enables easier use with automated wash systems and pressure washer. TCS has been extensively tested to ensure that it does not have any negative effects on seals and hoses, which also decrease further operational costs.

Above: Cold TCS Test – Liquid Coal Sample
Before: Start of Test
After: 40 Seconds after Testing Started
Sample Preparation: 200 ml of liquid coal poured over steel token. Then heated at 165ºF for 1.5 hours to activate polymers and increase bonding strength on steel

Further Information

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