World Pipelines: January 2019 Edition Pages 73 – 75
Read more about how BMA Biotech’s flow assurance and pipeline remediation product, Hydrocarbon Multi Clean (HMC) which has been designed to remove various types of deposition and prevent corrosion in pipelines. (MORE)

Tank Storage Magazine: February/March 2019 Edition
Read more about BMA Biotech’s Tank Cleaning Solution, which has been developed to reduce costs and decrease risks to health, safety, and the environment. (MORE)

Crude Life Interview – 04/12/2019
Mark Bullock the founder and CEO of BMA Biotech talks to Jason Spiess from the Crude Life Network, about our new oilfield environmental services including in-situ and ex-situ soil remediation. Mark also describes the different remediation techniques and give an overview of federal and state regulations, and oil company accountabilities in the event of an oil spill.

Crude Life Interview – 02/07/2019
Mark Bullock – founder and CEO of BMA Biotech, discusses sustainable and environmentally safe products in the oilfield remediation industry. Mark also gives an overview of the companies history, from starting in the remediation of waste fats, oil, and grease to progressing on to oilfield remediation products. 

Oilman Magazine: May/June 2019 Edition – Page 28
Article published in the Oilman Magazine written by Jason Spiess of the CrudeLife Network about how BMA Biotech is trying to tackle snake oil products in the oilfield remediation industry. Click more and flip to page 28 to read the full article. MORE

Crude Life Interview – 07/31/2019
Our founder and CEO, Mark Bullock, speaks to Jason Spiess from the Crude Life. Mark and Jason talk about Worcestershire Sauce, the fact Mark is really from the United Kingdom, and oil and gas industry topics.