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Our wide range of products which have been developed for use in a variety of applications in various industries, have been designed to ensure that our client’s risks are managed and minimized. We have done this by engineering sustainable, cost-effective, and fit-for-purpose products. 

Raw Materials, Fermentation, and Blending

Raw Materials – BMA Biotech ensure that our products only contain the highest grades and specifications.

  • The microbiology strains within our products are Bacillus genus, which is within hazard group one of microorganisms categories, which are unlikely to cause adverse effects to humans and animals (Please click here).
  • Fungi used in our products have been selected based on their excellent ability to work alongside microorganisms to degrade pollutants.
  •  Natural extracts which are used in our products are sustainable.

Fermentation – BMA Biotech only source our microorganisms and fungi from the most reputable fermentation companies. We also ensure that our fermentors are using the most advanced techniques available in preservation. 

Blending – In an effort to decrease our end-user costs, BMA Biotech do not blend our own products in-house.  We use external specialist blending facilities in the UK, Canada, and Poland who are ISO9001, ISO14001, and GMP certified.

Biosecurity and Quality Control

BMA Biotech has a robust biosecurity and Quality Control program in place, which ensures the purity, origin, and effectiveness of our products.

Biosecurity – BMA Biotech is one of the very few companies around the world who use a biosecurity program, which involves:

  • Strain Identity – purify the strain, test the efficacy, identify (physiological, biochemical, genetic) to obtain a DNA profile and relatedness profiles.
  • Strain/consortium Safety – identifies and ensures that our strains are only biohazard category one.

Quality Control – BMA Biotech have a robust QC producer in place, which randomly selects samples from our product batches and tests them to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and blended from the correct raw materials. Each batch also has its own unique number so we have a full history from point of origin to the end user. For a copy of our QC procedures, please contact us.

Research, Development and Materials Testing

We use the latest advancements and techniques to conduct more thorough research, development, and materials testing in laboratory conditions than most companies within the chemical industry. To further ensure that our products are excellent and fit-for-purpose, we conduct enhanced field tests within the specific application for which our products have been developed. Our products have been extensively tested on a vast number of surfaces, components,  and materials to ensure that they do not have any negative effects on commonly found materials in a variety of sectors.

Strategic Partnerships

BMA Biotech have formed strategic partnerships with several companies to enhance our product range, increase our global reach, and pool our shared knowledge and expertise to create excellent fit-for-purpose products.


BMA Biotech ensure that we maintain ample stock levels. However, some of our specialty chemical and remediation products are blended to order.

Product Technical Data Sheets

For further information about our products, please view our product Technical Data Sheets.

Product Demonstration Videos 

BMA Biotech has produced a number of product demonstration videos, which better highlights the effectiveness of our exclusive range of products. Please view our YouTube Channel.