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Hydrocarbon Multi Clean (HMC) is a newly developed robust and versatile pipeline cleaning and flow assurance product developed for upstream, midstream and downstream application. HMC has been engineered to prevent and remove paraffin wax/asphaltene deposition and inhibit the effects of corrosion on internal pipe walls. Designed to be sustainable, durable, reduce operational costs, protect your assets and maximize flow. 

Flow Assurance and Pipeline Remediation 

The production and transportation of crude oil and natural gas can pose several challenges for oilfield operators. The organic and inorganic deposition which forms on internal pipe walls will reduce flow and lead to blockages if inadequate remediation programs are in place. Hydrogen Sulfide and other corrosive compounds contained within oil and gas will cause corrosion on the internal surfaces of metal pipes, and if left untreated will lead to pipeline ruptures. Typically, oilfield operators use a combination of chemical products to prevent corrosion, remove paraffin/asphaltenes and inhibit paraffin/asphaltene deposition. To reduce operational expenditures, BMA Biotech has developed Hydrocarbon Multi Clean (HMC) for use in flow assurance and pipeline cleaning. HMC has been engineered to prevent paraffin wax/asphaltene deposition and prevent corrosion.

Hydrocarbon Multi Clean – Pipeline Remediation and Flow Assurance Solution

Hydrocarbon Multi Clean (HMC) is a newly engineered custom formulated fit-for-purpose biodegradable chemical, which combines surfactants, co-surfactants, and eco-solvents to remove and prevent paraffin wax/asphaltene deposition and inhibit the effects of corrosive compounds on internal pipe walls. HMC is fully biodegradable in 70-days and has been designed for remediating oil and gas pipelines and associated facilities. HMC is ideal for wetting, cleaning, dispersing, and absorption in both onshore and offshore applications.

Formulated to remove paraffin wax, asphaltenes, heavy hydrocarbons, iron sulfide, production fluids/solids, black powder, and a wide selection of other contaminants which accumulate in pipelines and associated facilities from oil and gas production. The superior formulation is proven to clean areas vulnerable to corrosion on both sides of the internal girth welds, and coats the inner pipe walls and metal to prevent deposition of organic and inorganic particles for up to 30-days.

HMC has been designed to suspend particles in the liquid phases to prevent further re-deposition after the particles have been removed during pipeline and facilities cleaning. HMC can be easily employed in pipelines by means of chemical injection, aggressive pigging operations, and pipeline jetting systems. Furthermore, HMC is certified safe for gas lift applications.

Before – One of six one-foot carbon steel pipe segment from a flow loop internally coated with 20mm of paraffin wax and asphaltenes.

After – The same pipe segment after having a 2% HMC concentrate and potable water spike circulated through it for 5 minutes.

Multi-Use Chemical Solution

Hydrocarbon Multi Clean has been engineered to be a multi-use chemical treatment solution – designed to reduce operational costs, effective in protecting your assets, and maximize your production.

Paraffin Wax/Asphaltene Removal – HMC has been engineered to remove varying thicknesses of paraffin wax and asphaltene deposition from the internal surfaces of well-bores, pipelines and surface equipment. The pseudo-solvent contained within HMC readily absorbs into deposits and “lifts” them from metallic surfaces, while the surfactant package laminates the particles which prevents further re-deposition further downstream. 

Corrosion Inhibitor – The unique compounds used to blend HMC have been designed to adhere to metallic surfaces to create a microfilm surface coating. This ensures that corrosive media can not interact with the metallic surfaces, to ensure the integrity of your assets. The microfilm coating typically requires replenishment every 30-days. 

Paraffin Wax/Asphaltene Deposition Inhibitor – The HMC microfilm coating which forms on metallic surfaces prevents and reduces paraffin wax and asphaltene deposition to ensure flow rates are continually maintained. 

Other Types of Scale/Deposition – HMC will also prevent other types of scale and deposition from forming on or adhering to metallic surfaces. 

Environment, Health and Safety, and Cost Reduction

With the use of advanced chemistry and natural compounds, we have developed a robust and versatile chemical solution which ensures that our clients minimize their impact on the environment, reduce the risks to health and safety, and considerably reduce their operational expenditures (OPEX). 

Environment – With only using naturally occurring compounds HMC this ensures that your impact on the environment is minimalized, which also ensures that you remain compliant with ever-increasing environmental regulations. 

Health and Safety – To minimize the risk to health and safety, HMC does not contain harmful petrochemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which ensures that HMC is not harmful and non-flammable. 

Cost Reduction – HMC has been formulated to ensure that your operational costs are reduced, by making HMC reusable once it has been separated from hydrocarbons and particles. When compared to the cost of conventional chemical product end-user costs, will reduce your opex by up to 54%. 


  • Onshore & offshore pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Tank farms
  • Gathering Stations
  • Processing Plants
  • Production Platforms


  • Increase flow efficiency
  • Minimize downtime
  • Environmentally safe and HSE compliant
  • Improves data collection from smart pigging
  • Eliminates expensive damage and dumurrage charges prior to smart pigging.


  • Cleans areas prone to corrosion on either side of the internal girth weld.
  • Loosens and removes organic and inorganic deposits.
  • Can be used with conventional cleaning methods such as pigging, pipeline aqua jetting and chemical injection.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about HMC, please contact us or view our online product videos. For product Technical Data Sheet, please click here.