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BMA Biotech’s approach to effectively remediate oilfield contaminates utilizes functional remediation products combined with proven remediation treatment methods. This ensures that we provide our clients with a cost-effective ‘cradle to grave’ service, while reducing risks to health and safety, and mitigate negative impacts upon the environment caused by oilfield contamination.

BMA Biotech’s Oilfield Remediation Services

With over 40-years of collective experience in the effective cleanup and remediation of soil and water contaminated by O&G operations around the world. BMA Biotech stands out from our competitors, Not only because we have a wealth of experience in the effective implementation of cost-effective and sustainable remediation projects, in a diverse range of environments. But also, we have developed our own range of unique in-situ and ex-situ treatment products, which have been engineered to remediate a wide spectrum of oilfield contaminates. To make sure that our clients remain compliant with environmental remediation regulations, we only deploy proven remediation treatment methods, which poses a low risk of causing secondary contamination. BMA Biotech offers a true ‘cradle to grave’ remediation service, which makes sure that risks to health and safety are considerably reduced, and negative impacts on the environment are mitigated after the occurrence of oilfield contamination.

To further reduce our client’s remediation project costs, we recover as much commercially viable product as possible, which can then be sold to offset the costs of the remediation project. Furthermore, our ex-situ soil remediation chemical product has been designed to be separated from oilfield contaminates, which allows for the product to be re-used multiple times on the same remediation project. Our unique range of microbial soil and water in-situ and ex-situ treatment products contain a wide variety of microbes, which are excellent at ‘digesting’ harmful oilfield contaminates and turning them into water and carbon dioxide, and other non-hazardous by-products.

In-Situ and Ex-Situ Soil and Water Remediation Treatments offered by BMA Biotech

In-Situ Remediation

Bio Venting  Injection of air and microbial-based product into O&G contamination zones, to accelerate the biodegradation of O&G contaminates.
Gel Injection Polymer-based gel that encapsulates O&G contaminates which is then pumped back up to the surface for disposal.
Electrolyte (Electrokinetics) Injection Electrolyte injection involves the use of an electrically conducting solution, which is injected into the into contaminated zones to remove O&G contaminates and is then returned back to the surface for disposal.
Mix and Tilling – Microbial solutions are mixed with the contaminated soil by means of mix and tillage. Mix and tilling of the microbial-based solution and soil may be repeated as and when required over a period of up to 6-months.
Bioaugmentation – Injection of a microbial-based solution and air directly into contaminated zones, which aids in the increase of natural biodegradation of O&G contaminates. 
Biosparging – Injection of air into contaminated zones, which encourages indigenous microorganisms to biodegrade the organic constituents in saturated zones.


Ex-Situ Remediation

Chemical Soil Washing – Excavation of contaminated soil, which is then washed (ex-situ). Once the levels of oilfield contamination have been reduced, the soil is placed back in the excavated area.
Biopiling – Contaminated soil is excavated from the area where the contamination has occurred. The soil is then mixed with a microbial remediation product, and placed in a contained area for aeration. Once contamination has been removed, the soil is placed back into the excavated area.
Dig and Haul – The ‘dig and haul’ method is only used in cases where the length of time to remediate the soil exceeds environmental remediation regulations. For this method, contaminated soil is removed from the site and incinerated, uncontaminated soil is then used to fill the excavated area.

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