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Specially Developed for Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

Perfected to increase your production, reduce your operational expenditures and protect your assets.

BMA Biotech's Oil and Gas Industry Product Range

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Hydrocarbon Multi Clean

A Robust and Versatile Chemical Solution for Pipeline Cleaning and Flow Assurance Engineered to Protect your Assets.

Oil Spill Clean upBMA_400_Oil_Spill_Cleanup_Soil_Remediation

BMA 400 - Soil Remediation for Oil Spill Clean Up

Effective at breaking down alkanes, BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromatics/polyaromatics, sulfides, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, TPH, complex HC, hard COD and other solvent and hydrocarbon type contamination

BMA Biotech Wastewater Treatment56BMA_450_Slide

BMA 450 - Upstream and Downstream Wastewater Treatment

Unique consortium of microbial cultures engineered to degrade alkanes, BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromarics/polyaromatics, sulfides, alchohols, alphatic hydrocarbons, TPH, comples HC, hard COD and petrochemicals.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Hydrocarbon Enhanced Recovery Solution

Engineered for Enhanced Oil Recovery, designed to reduce opex and increase production

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver

Reduces the Viscosity of Heavy Oil and Reduces Drag Resistance


Our products have been engineered for use in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil production process. In both Onshore and Offshore applications such as Pipeline Remediation and Flow AssuranceSoil Remediation, Heavy Oil, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Storage Tank Cleaning, and Upstream and Downstream Wastewater Treatment.

Our exclusive product range has been designed to be multi-use to reduce your operational costs and maximize production while protecting your assets and minimizing risks to health, safety, and the environment. Our chemical product range utilizes a thermodynamically stable microemulsion base formulation combined with different compounds to produce fit-for-purpose multi-use solutions. BMA Biotech’s remediation products have been designed using the same microbial strains, but contain different additives to adapt them for effective use in soil and water remediation.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

HERS is a thermodynamically stable microemulsion which has been custom engineered for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery. MORE

Heavy Oil Recovery

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver

HOVI is a newly developed heavy oil viscosity improver and drag reduction agent, engineered for use in the upstream, midstream, and downstream production process. MORE

Wellbore Clean Up

Wellbore Casings

WBCS is a custom engineered microemulsion combined with a highly concentrated polymer pseudo-solvent designed for wellbore clean up operations. MORE

Pipelines & Flow Assurance

BMA Biotech flow assurance and pipeline cleaner chemical Main Page

Our corrosion inhibitors, paraffin wax/asphaltene remediation and removal products have been engineered to reduce operational costs, maximize flow, and protect your assets. MORE

Water Remediation

BMA Biotech upstream wastewater treatment

BMA 450™ is a newly developed biological wastewater treatment product for use in both upstream and downstream wastewater treatment. Designed to reduce operational expenses, conform to environmental regulations, and decrease treatment times. MORE

Oil Spill Soil Remediation

BMA Biotech oil spill cleanup product Main Page

BMA Biotech has developed a new soil remediation product, which combines new bacterial strains and is more effective than conventional bacterial oil spill clean up products. MORE

Storage Tank Cleaning

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BMA Biotech’s Tank Cleaning Solution is a unique microemulsion blend, designed for use in the removal of crude oil and petroleum fluids from above/below ground storage tanks. Engineered to minimize risks to health, safety, and the environment. MORE

Rig Wash

Rig Wash

BMA Biotech’s Rig Wash Solution (RWS) is a newly developed heavy duty degreaser and oil remover, developed specifically for use in rig washing. RWS is 100% biodegradable in 75-days and reduces risk to health, safety, and the environment. MORE

Oilfield Environmental Services

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BMA Biotech offers a turnkey environmental service to the O&G industry, which focuses on providing cost-effective and sustainable environmental outcomes. We provide a true cradle to grave service for oilfield remediation projects, while considerably reducing risks to health, safety, and the environment. MORE

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