BMA Biotech Light Industrial Products

BMA 200™ has been developed from blending together selected microbial cultures which have been adapted to improve their ability to degrade grease based wastes, surfactants, BTEX, Alcohols, Phenol, COD and Leachates. Designed for treating oily and fatty wastes and a selection of light industrial and non-toxic chemical waste. Ideal for use in chemical, petrochemical, and animal waste processing. 

Light Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater generated by light industrial sectors contain inorganic pollutants in higher concentrations than municipal wastewater. In order to prevent contamination of water sources and land from light industrial wastewater, it is necessary to use an effective biological/microbial wastewater treatment product. However, conventional biological wastewater treatment products contain two to three strains of bacteria, which are ideal at the biodegradation of one type contamination, such as surfactants but relatively ineffective at the biodegradation of another type of contaminate such as a solvent. BMA Biotech has developed BMA 200™ which has been developed to effectively break down and degrade a wide selection of pollutants within the light industrial wastewater.

BMA 200™ Light Industrial Wastewater Treatment

BMA 200™ is a multifunctional microbial wastewater treatment product, which contains a special blend of select bacterial cultures which have been adapted to improve their ability to degrade a wide selection of oily long chain hydrocarbon wastes, such as FOG and refined petrochemicals. The select bacterial cultures are excellent at the biodegradation of both food preparation and processing and mineral oil waste. BMA 200™ can also be used in municipal wastewater treatment in areas with mixed liquors from light (or unknown) industrial vegetable processing effluents.


• Municipal and light industrial treatment
• Activated Sludge
• Settlement lagoons
• Leachates


• Performs within a broad temperature range 4oC to 35oC (39oF – 102oF).
• Improves the waste treatment system stability
• Higher bacterial growth to improve stability in response to organic overloads
• Improves maximum rates of organic removal measured as BOD, COD and TOC.
• Enhances flocculation in activated sludge


  • Consumes a wider variety of alkanes.
  • 100g water-soluble pouches/10kg pail/10kg bulk powder.
  • pH range 5.5 to 7.0
  • Bacterial counts greater than 1×109 CFU per g.
  • Promotes a high rate of removal of BOD, COD and TOC.

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