Industrial Cleaning Products

Our industrial cleaning product range has been specially designed to be sustainable and reduce costs. Our range of industrial degreasers, descalers, and solvents are effective and developed to consistently deliver outstanding performance in multiple applications. With harnessing newly developed chemistry with advanced blending techniques, we have developed a truly outstanding range of industrial cleaning products.  

Industrial All-in-One Degreaser and Oil Remover

This newly developed All-in-One Degreaser and Oil Remover combines high-performance active cleaning compounds with new scientific advancements, to produce a powerful and robust degreaser and oil removal cleaning agent. The highly concentrated formula allows for dilution down to as little as a one percent concentrate, and only requires a ten percent concentrate for heavy soiling, degreasing, and removing oil. All-in-One Degreaser and Oil Remover are excellent at removing grease, oil, and soiling from metal surfaces and variety of floor coverings. Ideal for use in various types of industrial process. Worksurfaces, parts, and floors will remain free from grease and soiling for up to 24-hours, and will be protected from rust particles on metallic surfaces.

Industrial Gumgone 

The natural solvent solution has been developed for the removal of a variety of glues and adhesive residues. Gumgone can be used on fabrics, painted surfaces, vehicle/carriage exteriors, glass, and other hard and soft surfaces. The unique formulation will remove ballpoint pen ink (non-permanent dry), blood, food stains, contact adhesives, candle wax, grease, glue, swarfe, contact fluid, permanent market, and oil-based substances. Gumgone is not advised for use on non-vulcanized rubber, latex nor polycarbonate materials, and it is recommended to test Gumgone on a small sample are when used on plastics. Gumgone is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Scale Remover (3X and 10X)

An advanced mineral acid product that has been developed for the effective removal of limescale and other types of scale, which is ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications. The scale remover can also be used on concrete and stone surfaces. The product has been designed to replace conventional strong and corrosive mineral acids.

Industrial Oil-Off

The advanced water-dilutable microbial product is excellent for the removal of oil and grease on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces. Industrial Oil-Off is highly useful for washing down sealed concrete floors, machinery,  brick and asphalt in loading areas, hard standing, ballast, docks, quays, and platforms. With the inclusion of selected bacteria, Industrial Oil-Off can biodegrade hydrocarbons which are typically hard to remove from concrete and brick surfaces, which makes the product ideal for a wide range of industrial wash-down projects.

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