BMA Biotech Household Cleaning Products5

BMA Biotech’s select range of household cleaning products have been designed to remove grease, dirt, and sanitize surfaces. Great care has been taken during product development to ensure that our bespoke range of cleaners are safe for use around animals and are excellent multipurpose cleaning agents.  

General Purpose Cleaner (fragranced or un-fragranced)

A unique ready to use microbial liquid product, combining high-performance chemistry and natural micro-organisms which offers an excellent all-in-one general purpose cleaner for hard and soft surfaces. Our General Purpose Cleaner (GPC) is effective in removing grease, fats, proteins, starch, and sugars. With the microbial action of GPC, organic wastes and soiling are prevented from being retained on surfaces  24-hours after application. GPC can also be used to remove soiling from carpets and upholstery.

All-in-One Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser

A newly developed micro-emulsion product which is excellent for degreasing and cleaning hard surfaces. Excellent at revitalizing stainless steel and metallic surfaces and ideal for cookers, grills, BBQ’s, hobs, re-heat ovens, spits/rotisseries, and hood vents. With the action of the microemulsion formulation, hard surfaces remain free from oil for up to 24-hours after applications. All-in-One Kitchen Cleaner is non-flammable and prevents and removes rust on metal kitchen appliances.

Odor Neutralizer (fragranced or un-fragranced) 

Odor Neutralizer is a newly developed unique malodor neutralization solution which harnesses microencapsulation technology to absorb foul odor molecules and render them undetectable. The powerful encapsulation solution then rapidly degrades the malodor. Odor Neutralizer is excellent to use in houses with pets and can be fragranced or un-fragranced.

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