Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver (HOVI) is a custom engineered microemulsion based solution. HOVI has been developed by BMA Biotech to significantly lower the viscosity of heavy crude oil and reduce drag to ensure efficient transportation of heavy crude oil in pipelines. HOVI will increase production while decreasing your operational expenses in the upstream, midstream, and downstream production phases. 

Heavy Oil Production

Heavy crude oil, also referred to as heavy oil is defined as a crude oil with an API gravity ranging from 10o to 20with a high viscosity. It is estimated that there are in the region of six trillion barrels of heavy oil reserves, which is three times greater than that of light crude oil. Due to the high viscosity of heavy oil, extensive operational investment is required for the recovery of the heavy oil. The current methods used to extract heavy oil vary from thermal treatments to chemical flooding. However, once the heavy oil has been extracted from the reservoir, it may have to be transported by pipelines over prolonged distances. Due to this, further heating or chemical treatments are required to transport the highly viscous petroleum through the midstream and downstream processing phases.

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver – Maximizes Production and Increases Flow

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver (HOVI) is a new custom engineered microemulsion solution. HOVI combines cutting-edge chemistry with advanced compounds to create a fit-for-purpose and multiuse heavy oil viscosity improver and drag reducing agent. HOVI has been designed to rapidly decrease the viscosity of heavy oil and is fully biodegradable in 70-days. With an advanced surfactant and co-surfactant package, HOVI easily and effectively ensures that up to 98% more of the heavy oil can be extracted from the reservoir when compared to conventional methods, whilst ensuring that heavy oil can be smoothly transported through pipelines over prolonged distances.

With the advanced compounds used to produce HOVI, there is no need to pre-heat, add other chemical agents during the primary, secondary, or tertiary (EOR) recovery phases of heavy oil. To improve the versatility of HOVI, water with elevated salinity/brine levels can be used as a spiking agent. To considerably reduce operational expenses, HOVI is effective in concentrates ranging from between 2% to 10%. HOVI will remain within heavy oil during the upstream, midstream, and downstream production phases, but is easily separated and can be reused for further heavy oil recovery.

Heavy Oil Viscosity Improver

Above – The graph shows the reduction in viscosity of 1 gal of Venezuelan heavy crude oil when mixed with 300 ml of an 8% concentrate of HOVI, spiked with water with a 10% salinity. 


  • Onshore & offshore pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Tank farms
  • Gathering Stations
  • Processing Plants
  • Production Platforms


  • Increase flow efficiency
  • Maximize recoverable heavy oil
  • Environmentally safe and reduces risks to Health and safety
  • Recovers up to 98% more heavy oil then conventional methods and chemicals


  • Considerably reduces operation expenses
  • Rapidly decrease the viscosity of heavy crude oils in less than a thirty seconds.
  • Does not require pre-heating.
  • Can be used with water which has elevated salinity/brine levels.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about HOVI, please contact us or view our online product videos. For product Technical Data Sheet, please click here.