BMA Biotech Heavy Industrial Wastewater Treatment

BMA 300™ Microbial Wastewater Treatment for Heavy Industrial Wastewater. Engineered to rapidly biodegrade alkyl, halogenated, chlorinated, nitrated hydrocarbons, ketones, alkanes, naphthalene, polyaromatics, solvents, and hard COD. Designed to be sustainable, reduce operational costs, and rapidly degrade heavy industrial wastewater. 

Heavy Industrial Wastewater 

Industrial wastewater contains high pollutants such as solvents, paints, mineral oils, suspended solids, metals and metal treatment residues, surfactants and complex chain hydrocarbons. To ensure that the contaminants do not pollute water bodies and land, there are strict environmental regulations. These regulations determine the acceptable levels the pollutants must be decreased prior to discharge or reuse of industrial wastewater after treatment. Conventional biological/microbial industrial wastewater treatment products are typically excellent at the rapid biodegradation of one type of contamination media but are not effective at degrading of another contamination media within the same influent stream. BMA Biotech have engineered BMA 300™ specifically for use in heavy industrial wastewater treatment.

BMA 300™ Heavy Industrial Biological Wastewater Treatment

BMA 300™ has been formulated by blending selected micro-organisms which are effective at degrading alkyl and poly-aromatics, halogenated, chlorinated and nitrated hydrocarbon compounds. Developed to be efficient at breaking down and degrading petroleum, BMA 300™ is easily adaptable and versatile in extreme conditions. With the production of bio-surfactants, BMA 300™ enables greater removal and mobilization of hydrocarbons bound to soil particles and solid surfaces. The bio-surfactants produced by the bacterial strains ensures biodegradability and lower toxicity when compared to the use of chemical surfactants. The bio-surfactant is a key functionality of BMA 300™, which ultimately makes oil hydrocarbons easier for micro-organisms to degrade.


  • Soil Remediation
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Facultative Lagoons
  • Leachate Treatments
  • Aerated Lagoons
  • Collection Systems and Basins


  • Performs in a broad range of temperatures from 4oC to 35oC (39oF – 102oF).
  • Easily degrades alkyl, aromatics and substituted hydrocarbons.
  • Utilizes alkanes, a type of hydrocarbon in its metabolic process and source of energy.
  • Improves maximum rates of organic removal, as measured by BOD, COD, and TOC.
  • Provides the ability to degrade a wide spectrum of recalcitrant industrial chemicals.


  • Bacterial cultures produce a bio-surfactant.
  • Effective for treating wastewater and land remediation with TPH >50,000mg/kg.
  • Dual purpose product for both wastewater and land remediation.

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