BMA Biotech Food Processing Wastewater

BMA 500A™ is a biological wastewater treatment product developed for the food processing industry. BMA 500A™ is excellent at rapid biodegradation of starch, cellulose, protein fat, and improvement of BOD/COD levels. 

Food Processing Wastewater Treatment

A large volume of Wastewater is generated from commercial food processing and it is difficult to treat, due to the increased levels of organic matter, FOG, protein and other pollutants commonly found in municipal wastewater media. The effective pretreatment of food processing wastewater will significantly reduce the level of contaminants in the effluent discharged into the municipal sewer system. In turn, this will reduce the surcharge fees which food processing plants pay to cities for elevated levels of TSS, BOD, COD, and FOG. To assist food processing plant in reducing operational costs and provide effective bacterial wastewater pretreatment, BMA Biotech has developed BMA 500™.

BMA 500A™ Food Processing Biological Wastewater Treatment

BMA 500A™ is a special blend of bacterial strains which have been adapted to increase their ability to degrade a wide selection of pollutants within wastewater generated by the food processing industry. It is ideally suited to the treatment of fruit and vegetable processing, breweries, and commercial food production.  BMA 500A™ is excellent at overcoming high influent loadings, unfavorable temperature conditions and effective at system re-starts. The bacterial cultures within the product are able to increase the biodegradation of starches, organic acids, vegetable fibers, sugars, alcohols, and turpines. If BMA 500A™ is utilized in aeration basins it will also prevent hydrogen sulfide production.


  • Soil Remediation
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Facultative Lagoons
  • Leachate Treatment
  • Holding Tanks
  • Aerated Lagoons
  • Collection Systems and Basins
  • Waterways


  • Bacteria is effective in salinities ranging from 1-10%.
  • Performs within a broad temperature range 4oC – 35oC (39oF – 102oF).
  • Enables rapid re-start after plant, seasonal, or maintenance shutdowns.
  • Improves the waste treatment stability.


  • Enhances flocculation in activated sludge.
  • Reduces toxicity to autotrophic nitrifiers, to allow the initiation and maintenance of high rates of biological ammonia removal in wastewater.
  • Able to degrade a wide spectrum of recalcitrant industrial chemicals.
  • Facilitates rapid recovery from load-related shock, caused by increased COD loading and toxic upsets.

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