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BMA Biotech has developed a range of wastewater treatment products specifically for use in the control, reduction, and removal of waste fat, oil, and grease (FOG). Our FOG wastewater treatment products have been designed to reduce operational costs, reduce downtime and cleanouts of systems, and to rapidly biodegrade high volumes of FOG. 

Wastewater treatment of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG)

Households typically generate the vast majority of waste fat, oil, and grease (FOG) that is discharged into municipal wastewater systems and treatment plants. However, lower volumes of FOG are also released into municipal wastewater systems by restaurants and light industrial customers, due to natural FOG outflow from grease traps and permitted FOG discharge from private wastewater treatment plants.

However, FOG still poses significant issues for municipalities due to drain line blockages in the sanitary sewer system and excessive foaming, Nocardia filaments, increased sludge and elevated FOG/BOD/TSS at wastewater treatment plants. Waste FOG is also one of the main reasons for increased operational expenses, due to increased treatment costs, and manual removal of FOG from wastewater systems and treatment plants. Conventional biological wastewater treatment products only reduce low levels of waste FOG. BMA Biotech have engineered a new range of biological wastewater treatment products for use in the wastewater system and treatment plants, which combine more effective bacterial cultures to rapidly increase the volume of waste FOG biodegradation and decrease treatment times.

Bio Blocks – For Lift/Pump Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our lift and pump station Bio Blocks are low maintenance solid water-soluble blocks that contain a select blend of bacterial cultures, nutrients, and odor suppressants, which have been engineered to degrade high levels of waste FOG even in very low dissolved oxygen environments. Each Bio Block will completely dissolve in 4-6 weeks, depending on influent levels and volume of FOG. The Bio Blocks have been designed to work in temperatures up to 50oC (122oF) and release approximately 125g of active material per day for the biodegradation waste FOG. BMA Bio Blocks are ideal for lift/pump stations and wastewater treatment plants. The photo slider to the right shows a 8,220-gallon municipal lift station, which services an area predominantly generating excessive volumes of FOG due to the restaurants and fast food outlets within the service area. The lift station was fully cleaned approximately every 30-days, however, with a treatment from 2 x 12lbs BMA Bio Blocks full cleanouts was no longer required.

Before: 3-weeks without Treatment
After: 8-weeks with Treatment

Before: Prior to the use of BGP and BMA Bio-Blocks.
After:  30-days after the use of BGP and BMA Bio-Blocks.

Bio Grease Powder (BGP) – For Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewer Lines.

With excessive accumulations of waste FOG typically being found in sewer lines, lift/pump stations and wastewater treatment plants, BMA Biotech have developed Bio Grease Powder (BGP). BGP contains a selection of Bacillus strains which are excellent at degrading FOG, protein, starch, and fiber. The Bacillus bacteria within BGP have been extensively tested in a broad range of environmental conditions to ensure they function in the field and not just in the laboratory. Continued use of the product with high concentrations of Bacillus, within BGP, will allow a microfilm layer to form on the internal surfaces of pipes, lift/pump stations and treatment plants to prevent FOG binding to inner surfaces. Also, with the biodegradation of waste FOG in sewer systems hydrogen sulfide is naturally produced, which is not only harmful to humans in high doses but also corrosive to metal, plastic, and concrete. BGP contains hydrogen sulfide suppressants, to protect concrete, plastic pipes and metal in wastewater treatment tanks. The photo slider to the left shows a sludge tank at a municipal treatment plant before and after treatment.

Bio Grease Liquid Solution (BGLS) – For Wastewater Treatment Plants and Lift/Pump Station

Bio Grease Liquid Solution (BGLS) is the same as BGP but blended into a fluid for dispensing by a liquid dosing unit.

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