BMA Biotech places the utmost importance on conducting a full and accurate Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) when dealing with soil or water contamination caused by oil and gas operations. Not only will this enable us to accurately record the full extent of the contamination, but it will also pinpoint contamination hotspots. Based on the data gathered during the ESA, this will enable us to select the most appropriate remediation product and treatment method, which will be cost-effective and sustainable for our clients. 

Oilfield Environmental Site Assessments

With over 40-years of combined experience in conducting phase I and phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)Oilfield Contamination Mapping for the O&G industry all around the world. BMA Biotech knows that the key to considerably reducing risks to health and safety and preventing long-lasting negative impacts on the environment from O&G contamination – is achieved through undertaking a through ESA, which looks at the type(s) of contaminants in the soil or water, total contaminated area(s), and how best to prevent secondary contamination. This then enables us to select the best remediation products combined with the most effective remediation treatment method, for the specific type of O&G contamination and site location. Our site assessments are conducted in accordance with ASTM E1527-13 and ASTM E1903-11 standards, to ensure that our reports comply to state and federal environmental remediation regulations. The data and samples gathered during phase I and phase II ESA not only allows our site assessment teams to determine if the site can be remediated successfully to achieve background contamination values (typically 1% of total soil weight). But, it also allows us to see if risk-based corrective action would be more effective in fully removing the O&G contamination. BMA Biotech not only focuses on the effective cleanup of O&G contamination and complying with state and federal ‘cradle to grave’ regulations. We also ensure that we develop a remediation plan which is sustainable and cost-effective for our clients. Our ESA is also published in a report for our clients, which then can be submitted to state environmental agencies as a basis for site evaluations and remediation treatment programs (e.g. Affected Property Assessment Report – State of Texas). All of our field assessment teams are HAZWOPER (40-Hour) certified, confined space entry trained,  and trained to work at sites which requires the use of breathing apparatus.

Further Information

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