Enhanced Oil Recovery

Hydrocarbon Enhanced Recovery Solution (HERS) is a robust and versatile microemulsion, which has been specially developed for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery. HERS is a special blend of non-microbial naturally occurring surfactants and co-surfactants blended with a mild pseudo-solvent, to create an excellent and fit-for-purpose EOR chemical. HERS has been engineered to recover greater volumes of crude oil than conventional chemical solutions and decrease operational expenditures. 

Enhanced Oil Recovery

On average only 40% of crude oil is recovered during the primary and secondary phases in oilfield production, which results in large volumes of oil being left within the formation. To increase the profitability of an oilfield and maximize production, operators undertake tertiary recovery which is more commonly referred to as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations. EOR extracts a further 30 to 60% of crude oil, compared to primary and secondary recovery operations. The current methods employed by operators for EOR production is thermal recovery, gas injection, and chemical injection. Each EOR method can cause secondary recovery issues or increased operational costs.

Thermal recovery relies on heating the crude oil within the formation to reduce viscosity/ vapor part of the oil. However, as the oil is lifted through the production well it will reduce in temperature, which allows paraffin wax/asphaltenes to deposit onto the perforations or internal surfaces of pipes which creates obstructions and decreases flow. Chemical injection methods can increase operational costs if the chemical used is hydrocarbon based. The hydrocarbons within the chemical solution will mix with the crude oil, which is unable to be separated. When further EOR operations are undertaken, the operator will have to purchase more of the chemical product to extract more crude oil from the formation.

Hydrocarbon Enhanced Recovery Solution

Hydrocarbon Enhanced Recovery Solution (HERS) is a highly versatile microemulsion which has been engineered for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery. The thermodynamically stable formulation has been designed to considerably reduce the interfacial/surface tension to increase the mobility of crude oil, which improves the sweep and displacement efficiency during EOR. To further enhance the effectiveness of HERS, a unique polymer has been added into the formulation in the form of a pseudo-solvent. The pseudo-solvent prevents the deposition of paraffin wax/asphaltenes during recovery from the formation, which ensure that perforations remain clear from obstructions to allow for maximum production. The non-microbial natural surfactant and co-surfactant not only reduces the interfacial/surface tension of crude oil, but they also laminate paraffin wax/asphaltenes to prevent deposition on well-bores and internal surfaces of pipes to ensure maximum flow.

HERS is 100% biodegradable within 70-days and does not contain flammable or toxic substances, which minimize the risks to health, safety, and the environment. With no hydrocarbon-based compounds used within HERS formulation, HERS can be entirely separated from crude oil after production to allow for the chemical to be reused for further EOR operations. The unique formulation combines advanced chemistry and versatile compounds, which reduces operational expenses and produces an excellent and fit-for-purpose EOR chemical solution. HERS can be injected downhole either cold or pre-heated. However, once the temperature of HERS has been increased, the solution will gradually decrease during production at an average rate of 1°F per hour.


  • Onshore & Offshore EOR Operations
  • Chemical Injection
  • Polymer Flooding
  • Thermal Injection


  • Increase flow efficiency
  • Maximize EOR operations
  • Environmentally safe and reduces risks to Health and safety
  • Reduces interfacial/surface tension


  • Considerably reduces operation expenses
  • Increase volume of recoverable crude oil from the formation
  • Does not require pre-heating
  • Can be used with water which has elevated salinity/brine levels

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