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BMA Biotech has designed a range of products specifically for use in the control, reduction, and increased biodegradation of waste fat, oil, and grease (FOG). Our special range of bacterial based products FOG products have been developed to be sustainable, effective at low doses, and reduce your operational expenditures. Our range of FOG products can be used in drain lines, grease traps, and interceptors. 

Grease Trap Powder (GTP)

A biological and fully water-soluble powder product for the rapid degradation of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) as well as other types of food wastes in drain lines and grease traps. The specially selected strains of Bacillus bacteria used in GTP have been selected for their excellent ability to decrease biodegradation times of FOG. The formulation does not contain surfactants nor emulsifiers, which prevents FOG from being emulsified and discharging from grease traps with the wastewater. GTP can be either dispensed into sinks to remove FOG accumulations in drain lines or dispersed directly into grease traps. Contained within the formulation is malodor encapsulation bacterial, which actively eliminate foul odors which are commonly emitted from floor drains and grease traps.

Grease Trap Liquid (GTL)

GTL contains the same active bacteria as GTP, but in liquid form which makes the treatment of drain lines and grease traps easier. The highly concentrated liquid formulation can be dispensed into drain lines or grease traps via an automated dosing system, or poured into wash and prep sinks at the end of kitchen hours. GTP is ideal for the complete treatment FOG in drain lines and grease traps and is also proven to prevent drain line blockages with continued use.

Grease Trap Bio Blocks

Our Grease Trap Bio Blocks are water-soluble solid pastel blocks which can be inserted directly into grease traps. The blocks will naturally dissolve with the in-flow of FOG and wastewater into the grease trap which releases the active bacteria, which have been selected for their excellent FOG degrading capabilities. On average, each block will last 4-6 weeks in a low grease generation outlet. The bio Blocks do not contain surfactants, which ensures they are compliant with environmental regulations.

Grease Trap Bio Puck

The Grease Trap Bio Puck are water-soluble “puck” sized pellets which contain the same active bacteria as our Bio Blocks, powder, and liquid products. The Grease Trap Bio Pucks have been developed for smaller grease interceptors typically found under the sink. The fast-acting Bacillus bacteria have been adapted to degrade FOG in a range of high temperatures.  Grease Trap Bio Pucks do not contain surfactants or emulsifying agents.

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