Commercial Cleaning Products

Our commercial cleaning product range has been specifically designed for companies who specialize in facilities cleaning and commercial cleaning. The select products in the commercial cleaning range have been developed to be multipurpose, sustainable, and cost-effective. We have taken great care to ensure that your cleaning needs have been met and that surfaces remain clean and free from soiling and dust for as long as possible. 

General Purpose Cleaner (10X)

General Purpose Cleaner (GPC 10X) is a highly concentrated microbial cleaning formulation which can be diluted down to a one percent concentrate cleaner. The active formulation delivers continued and consistent performance, time after time. Excellent for use on both hard and soft surfaces, GPC 10X is genuinely an advanced cleaning solution for a wide range of applications, at a cost-effective price. GPC 10X ensures that floors and surfaces remain grease free for up to 24-hours, and is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. The newly developed formulation combines high-level chemistry and advanced compounds to ensure your cleaning needs are met. Ideal for use in cleaning offices, malls, bars, fast food outlets, and commercial kitchens.

All-in-One Degreaser and Sanitizer (Concentrate) 

This newly developed All-in-One Degreaser and Sanitizer combines high-performance active cleaning compounds with new scientific advancements, to produce a powerful and robust degreaser and sanitizing cleaning agent. The highly concentrated formula allows for dilution down to as little as a one percent concentrate, and only requires a ten percent concentrate for heavy soiling and degreasing. All-in-One Degrease and Sanitizer is excellent removing grease, oil, and soiling from metal surfaces and variety of floor coverings. Ideal for use in commercial kitchen cleaning, hood and vent cleaning, and a power floor cleaner. Worksurfaces and floors will remain free from grease and soiling for up to 24-hours, and will be protected from rust particles on metallic surfaces.

Odor Neutralizer (10X)

Odor Neutralizer (10X) is a highly concentrated malodor encapsulation product, which combines high-level chemistry with newly discovered microbial compounds. The malodors are initially encapsulated to neutralize them, then gradually degrades them to eradicate the foul odor. With the highly concentrated formula, Odor Neutralizer (10X) can be diluted down ten times before use and can come with a fragrance.

Clean and Bright Hard Floor Cleaner

A highly concentrated hard floor cleaner which is water-dilutable that contains waxes to seal and rejuvenate hard floor coverings. Developed to offer a cost-effective cleaning solution for floors which have high traffic areas such as, airports shopping malls, office complexes, strip centers, and public buildings.

Insta Shine Window, Plexiglass, and Painted Surfaces Cleaner

This waterless cleaner has been developed for windows, plexiglass, and painted surfaces. The unique blend of detergents, silicones, and resins are designed to bond to surfaces and protect from further damage and soiling. The high gloss sheen leaves surfaces looking like new and requires less cleaning.  Instant Shine can also protect surfaces from UV light damage.


The natural solvent solution has been developed for the removal of chewing gum and a variety of other glues and adhesive residues. Gumgone can be used on carpets, curtains, seat fabrics, clothing, painted surfaces, vehicle/carriage exteriors, glass, and other hard and soft surfaces. The specially formulation will remove ballpoint pen ink (non-permanent dry), blu tack, blood, food stains, contact adhesives (cellotape remnant), candle wax, cooking oil, grease, glue, motor oil, swarfe, contact fluid, lipstick (from clothes), permanent market, oil-based substances, and shoe polish. Gumgone is not advised for use on non-vulcanized rubber, latex nor polycarbonate materials, and it is recommended to test Gumgone on a small sample are when used on plastics.

Scale Remover (3X and 10X)

An advanced mineral acid product that has been developed for the effective removal of limescale and other types of scale, which is ideal for use in a variety of maintenance applications. The scale remover can also be used on concrete and stone surfaces. The product has been designed to replace conventional strong and corrosive mineral acids.

Drain Line and Grease Trap Cleaning

For more information about our bespoke range of drain line and grease trap treatment products, please visit our dedicated Drain Line and Grease Trap products page.

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