Bilge Water Treatment

BMA Biotech’s Bilge Water Pillow (BWP) has been designed for removal oil/fuel which collects in bilge water. The absorbent fibers in BWP’s are designed to only absorb oily waste but allows bilge water to pass through without being absorbed. The BWP’s can collect over 14 times their weight in oily waste, to ensure the maximum amount of oil/fuel is absorbed by a single pillow. 

Bilge Maintenance

Bilge tanks are the lowest point in the boat’s hull, where oily water and other toxic liquids collect. An accidental discharge of contaminated bilge water is not only illegal, but it is also extremely hazardous to marine life. Within the past 20-years, the use of bilge pads has become more widespread within the marine industry. However, most bilge pads will not only absorb the oily waste and toxic chemicals, but they will also absorb water, which decreases the volume of contamination which they can collect. In addition, some bilge pads contain toxic chemicals, which can actually leach into the already contaminated bilge water and cause further issues.

BMA Biotech’s Bilge Water Pillow

BMA Biotech’s Bilge Water Pillow (BWP) is a newly developed absorbent pillow designed for use in bilge tanks, to remove oily/toxic wastes from the bilge water to prevent contamination in the event of an accidental release. Contained within the specially developed absorbent fibers, is a consortium of bacteria which have been selected for their excellent ability to increase the rate of biodegradation of oil/toxic compounds. BMA’s BWP will absorb over 14 times its weight in waste media from bilge water. The BWP also has a durable eyelet which allows for the use of a rope to tether the pillow to a fixed point for easier retrieval. The fibers have also been specially treated to give oleophilic properties with hydrophobic filament yarn. The choice of fiber and construction of the BWP has been optimized to give an exceptionally high void volume of 92% maximum absorption. Stitch bonding provides high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and prevents breakdown when fully loaded with oil. THE TABLE TO THE LEFT IS FROM AN INDEPENDENT LAB ANALYSIS FROM BILGE WATER WITH USING THE BILGE WATER PILLOW. 

After the BWP’s have been used, they can be disposed of as dry waste and in some cases, the pillows can be reused. Disposal and replacement is necessary in cases where the fibers have become saturated or the bacterial numbers have been reduced, thus decreasing effectiveness. On occasion, a toxic even may lead to the inactivation of the bacteria, but the absorption rate will still continue. Oil and non-hydrocarbon waste may be completely mineralized to carbon dioxide and water or partially degraded to a less harmful but still immobile state. BMA’s BWP comes in two color variants, white and red.

More Information 

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