BMA Biotech has an unwavering commitment to developing superior chemical and microbial products to meet our clients needs with a core focus on cost reduction, sustainability,  health, safety and the environment.

About BMA Biotech

We are not a typical chemical company. We do not accept the status quo. There are better solutions out there, and we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to seek them out and develop them.

Far too many cleaning and remediation chemicals marketed today either show poor performance or are potentially damaging to the environment and the people that use them. At BMA Biotech, our mission is to eliminate these conflicts and instead provide real solutions that drive productivity and revenue in a sustainable, cost-effective and far more responsible way. At BMA Biotech, we are driven by the insights that come from the use of cross-discipline and cross-industry collaboration.  We have identified cutting-edge advancements in the fields of chemical formulation, microbiology, and nanotechnology that we have subsequently engineered to develop innovative, environmentally responsible cleaning and remediation products for our clients across a wide range of applications and industries.

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Industries and Solutions

Oil and Gas Industry

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We have developed a range of products specifically for use in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas production process. Our products core focus is reducing our client’s operational costs, sustainability, asset protection, and product effectiveness. MORE

Wastewater Treatment

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We understand that the effective treatment of wastewater is vital in maintaining a sustainable environment and preventing harmful disease, which is why our range of wastewater treatment products has been engineered to treat a wide selection of industrial, commercial, and municipal wastes. MORE

Cleaning Solutions

BMA Biotech Cleaning Products4

Our cleaning solutions product range has been developed for the residential, commercial, food and hospitality, and industrial sectors. BMA Biotech have combined multiple cleaning applications into fewer products; which are biodegradable, non-toxic, reduces costs, and minimizes risk.  MORE

Rail, Road, Marine

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BMA Biotech has developed an exclusive range of products for use in the rail, road, and marine industries. From railcar tank cleaning to absorbent pads for removing oil from bilge water, we have a product to suit your needs and budget. MORE

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If you would like further information about any one of our products, or to find out how BMA Biotech can help you with your needs, please contact us.